Very early pregnancy symptom occurs even before the period are masked as physical signs of discomfort that is not normal until seen through the prism of a pregnant state. These symptoms may vary from every woman, while some women do not experience them. For most women, the missed period serves as the green light to signal that they may be pregnant. The pregnancy test kit and a visit to their gynecologist are their positive means to test whether or not they are pregnant.

However, some women experience very early pregnancy symptoms even before the missed period. But not all missed period means pregnancy, some changes in the body may also result in delayed menstruation. Sometimes, the changes you experience may lead you to conclusion that you are pregnant.

Often the first physical sign that you are pregnant may be tender breasts or nipples sore and hard that may be painful to touch. The breasts become swollen because they experience changes that prepare them for breastfeeding. The production of hormones, estrogen or progesterone increases, especially if you are experiencing pregnancy for the first time.

Another sign is slight exhaustion, cramping and pain in the legs that go away if you sit up for a while. It may be followed by implantation bleeding or spotting that occurs when the fertilized egg implants itself in the uterine lining. The implantation bleeding usually occurs about 10 to 14 days after conception. Sometimes, it is mistaken as menstruation itself but for the fact that it is slight bleeding, light brown or spotty in appearance, it’s implantation bleeding. In this period, you cannot test for hormone levels in the blood because it is still too soon to tell if you are pregnant.

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Rise in your BBT or Basal Body temperature is more accurate indicator of very early pregnancy symptom before period. Food cravings also hit you when you are least expecting it. Sugar cravings, pickles or plain simple unhealthy high-carbohydrate snacks are some foods that you might want to taste at anytime of the day. You ought to feast because this may be your baby’s signal to tell you about food he likes. But remember to clamp on the appetite if this is accompanied by major vomitting. 

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